Penn. Perhaps?

25 Jun

Interested in purchasing some quality farmland this summer? LandCentral has recently put on the market a host of inexpensive expansive properties in Northern Pennsylvania that are more than worth a look. Many of these plots are foreclosed, offering buyers incredible deals—often at least 30% off the original price.

The soil quality in the state is rich and loamy, with high levels of nitrogen and calcium, excellent for getting that garden going. Sustenance farming is common and practical here as there is enough space, plenty of sunshine, and an enough rain in the spring. Much of the summer heat is humid, making it quite easy for fruits and veggies that prefer a tropical climate to flourish.

With a relatively low unemployment rate of 8% and the 6th highest state GDP, Pennsylvania’s economy is booming compared to many of its neighbors. With large urban centers such as Pittsburg and Philadelphia, diversity and culture are strong assets to the region. It also has a rich history as one of the first colonies and the population takes pride in their heritage. With some of the finest history and art museums in the nation, these cities are not to be overlooked when exploring your options.

Check out some of the many properties LandCentral has to offer, speak with our live operators, ask questions, dig deeper, and do some of your own sleuthing to uncover if you could see yourself taking advantage of these incredibly low prices. Perhaps you could one day soon find yourself in Pennsylvania, with your very acreage to call home.

The Yakima Valley

17 Jun

Driving through the Snoqualmie pass is a humbling experience. The highway winds through a towering green valley with enormous and awe-inspiring snow-capping peaks to either side. I didn’t envy my driver who had to keep his eyes to the road and try not to gaze at the scenery.

Little towns lined the pass and the vibe was one of cheer and a welcoming spirit—rather than the back-woods creepy I half expected. But the real shock came when the mountainous pass leveled out to expose the Columbia River Valley—a sparse and unbelievably beautiful landscape dotted with wind turbines, fruit orchards, sage brush, and rolling hills. Land out here is in increasingly high demand as metropolitan areas such as Seattle and Portland are feeling the pinch of urban sprawl. The tide is turning and folks appear to be more interested in space for development, land for agricultural purposes, and just more room to breathe. And who can blame them?

Heading further south, we enter Yakima. A lovely small city who’s primary cash cow is its orchards and on the peripheries, its vineyards. The houses all have big yards, some livestock (chicken, goats and the like), and are within a stone’s throw of several hundred cherry and/or apple trees. As I looked around, taking notes, I couldn’t help but picture myself calling this land home. My recommendation: Definitely worth a look.

Profile: Utah

27 Apr

With so much open space, breathtaking views, canyons, and adventure, it may come as no surprise that Utah ranked fourth in the nation for population growth over the past decade. People are beginning to crave more space, and at these all time low prices, huge plots of prime Utah land are getting snapped up right and left—if not for private development, for resale down the road. As has been discussed, the market is slowly gaining steam and 355 acres selling now for $67,000 will soon be worth double that. Land Central has three prime properties available in western Utah, growing in population by 14% since the year 2000.

With access to the mountains of the Salt Lake region, a stone’s throw from Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, and close to Moab and the canyons of the south, these properties won’t be available at these prices for long. Easily accessible from highway 30, yet isolated and off the grid, these private parcels offer privacy and room to grow. If being under the big open sky with millions of stars, incredible summer thunderstorms, and gorgeous sunsets excites you, consider the wildlands of western Utah—the greatest state for outdoor adventure. With much of the area relatively untouched by humans, be the first to explore these magical lands and find your place among the dunes, rolling hills, and sand-swept plains.

Glug Glug

26 Apr

More important than electricity, gas, or even roads: water is the number one element to be on the look-out for when looking to buy land. The first questions one should ask their broker—“Will I have reliable and consistent access to a water source?” “Will I have to dig a well?” “Is there an issue with pipe-freezing during the winter?” When looking at properties, first check out available plots near a water source: the coast, a river, steam, or even lake. These will demonstrate that the water table in your region is high enough to support you and your soil.

In more arid regions, however, like for example Arizona, New Mexico, etc., naturally occurring water sources will be less frequent, and alternate modes of acquiring water will need to be observed. For example, in terms of gardens/farms, drip irrigation for crops in these regions makes the most sense. Yet, while water sources are less frequently occurring, it is not to say they are nonexistent. The Colorado River, for example, is a main source in the region, as well as the Heron, El Vado, and Abiquiu Reservoirs.

Yet in other states with high rainfall, such as New York, Oregon, and Washington, water is plentiful, and truly the most important element to secure when purchasing land. We can live without electricity (we’d rather not…) but we cannot live without precious fresh water.

Top Five Reasons To Buy Now

21 Apr

5. Market Woes

With foreclosures on the rise and the market in the dumps, prices of land have fallen drastically over the last year. But things are slowly improving, and the real estate market is beginning to heal. For the next few months anyway, land will continue to be cheap, but not for long!

4. Investment

If there was ever a time in the past few decades to snatch up a piece of land and watch its value increase, it’s now. If one examines the patterns of the market over the fast few decades, the trajectory seems to lead to a big pay off. Simply put, the land you buy now will be worth more later. Like that original, unopened Hulk action figure you’ve been saving

3. Future Generations

Do you have land in your family? If so, you know the joys that sharing land and the responsibilities therein. Over generations, the value of the land increases, especially if it’s tended well and built upon. Invest in something your grandchildren will be proud to one day call their own.

2. Potential

Simply: the more inexpensive the land, the more you have in your budget to make it a splendid place to call home.

1. For Fun!

Why the heck not? This is an exciting opportunity—a chance for you to invest yourself fully into this project. You’re here because you’re seriously considering taking the plunge. So have at it! Stay committed, keep your energy up, and have fun during this process. Remember, what you decide to create will be wholly your own—you very own land to land on.

A Shameless Sales Plug?

18 Apr

Sorta. But think of it this way: we are real people who want to help you real people achieve your dream of affording and financing the right land for you. LandCentral is truly the easiest, most convenient way to make this dream a reality. Bad credit? We’ll be able to help you with that. We make sure we have the best deals by ensuring low interest rates, low down payments, and letting you know when sales and foreclosures occur to help you get an edge.

We make navigating the website easy: know the state in which you’re considering purchasing land? Once you’ve narrowed this down, it’s a cinch to browse available properties, see counties, acreage, purchase price, and monthly financing options. We provide maps and driving directions so that it is easier for you to see if the land has road access.

You’re here because you’re excited about the prospect of owing your own slice of countryside. Whether you wish to develop, retire, or begin a farming/ranching operation, the choices are limitless. We’re here to make the decisions a bit easier to manage. Everyone deserves a helping hand, and we hope that by working with LandCentral, you’ll be getting the very best deals out there, making your dream come true with ease.

Financing Your Dream

14 Apr

If you have been concerned about your finances this past year, you are in the same boat as nearly all Americans. Yet while the recession hasn’t been kind to us as individuals or the housing market, it has been quite effective at slashing prices on foreclosed plots of land. So far, we’ve made the argument that investing in land now is a smart move as the housing and land markets are slowly healing—value is increasing. But this still leaves out the important factor of how one pays off their own payments on this foreclosed land.

Foreclosure occurs when a person or group can no longer make payments on their property and the bank is forced to intervene. This means that when purchasing foreclosed land, one will be dealing directly with the bank—a possibly sticky process as they may attempt to stick you with additional fees. This has been known to happen with many banks, but certainly not all. Smaller community banks are often more transparent and have direct customer service representatives who understand the area and the clientele.  One would advise to speak directly with the bank in question and understand what the payment options are.

However, if one were to go through a broker such as Land Central, payment options are drastically simplified. The website lays out the monthly payments in manageable increments and makes the process a whole heck of a lot easier on the client. This is a viable solution to fiscal woes. However, it is important always to first do your own specific research and make sure you’re getting the best deal for you and yours. Do what works best for your budget and buying/owning your own land will feel like a breeze.

Flipping Out

12 Apr

So we’ve established that buying cheap land is a good thing, right? Before I move on, let me preface the previous statement with a bit of cautionary advice: beware the “amazingly cheap land.” As with anything in this world, you get what you pay for. If you see what appears to be a gorgeous plot along the Oregon Coast costing mere peanuts, you may be in for some unwelcome surprises post-purchase (see: poor road access or sewage issues). While getting an excellent deal on valuable land is the name of the game, always run a background check. Get a soil profile, for example. This is particularly important not only for planting a fertile garden, but for the foundation of the home you may want to build. Keyword here: research!

Okay, with that said, we can move on to a more exciting topic: flipping. This is a term used by those in the “biz” to mean turning something seemingly cheap into something worth some serious value.  Thinking of building on your newly purchased land (for a great deal, of course)? Interested in landscaping and DIY improvements? This could be a real opportunity to add some resale value and turn you a tidy profit. That is, if you’re considering selling once you’ve built. Many folks who buy land and flip their property into something truly marketable realize that, hey, they built it. And they love it. Whether you decide to resell or fall in love with your cheap turned valuable land is your call. Enjoy the process!

Cheap: Name of the Game

10 Apr

It is boom time for inexpensive land. With foreclosures occurring all over the country, affordability is at an all time high. Looking to buy a lovely slice of land on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia? Land Central has it for only $9,000, with monthly financing options available. How about 20 acres of gorgeous farmland a stone’s throw from the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho—just $14,800. Maybe California is more your style: $3,000 for a beautiful plot in Mendocino, in the Hills above Clear Lake.

Whatever your style, cheap land is on the rise and easy to scout out. Before you have time to get overwhelmed by all the options out there, decide first what region you’re most interested in. Hot and dry? Mountainous and rainy? Coastal? The Iowan Corn Belt? How much land are you seeking to purchase?

Once you’ve narrowed down where it is you’re hoping to move, you can set a budget. Determine how many acres you seek and how much you’re willing to pay. Take into account location: access to large cities/towns will likely be priced higher, as will coastal plots, due to demand. But don’ get discouraged. Only once you’ve done your homework can you make the best decision for you and yours.

A Solid Investment

8 Apr

So, you’re here because you’re looking to buy land cheaply, most likely build on it, and increase its value through hard work and care. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Land Central is a leader in providing clients with quality options at affordable prices. This blog serves to provide you with inspiration, new ideas, and educational tidbits, with the goal of assisting you in making the right decision.

Choosing the best land for you can be a scary process: not knowing where best to research, how you will finance it, and when you’ve made your purchase, what your next steps will be. Our job is to make these questions easier to answer.

In addition, we are committed to helping you broaden your horizons. We’ll feature new ideas every couple of days to keep you inspired. While the theme of this blog will be focused around inexpensive investments with big pay-offs, we’ll go above and beyond, with exciting opportunities and challenging questions to make your dream of owning and building on land a reality. So get excited, get ready, and keep those creative juices flowing. And in the meantime, check out Land Central. You may be surprised by the variety of what you’ll find.